Asking for help from our readers

By Stephen. June 19th, 2010

I still have no idea what Glenn was doing in Sacramento. But I broke the encryption on that USB stick Flyss found.

(As Flyss suggested, the encryption key was an anagram of a phrase from conspiracy theory literature, “Trilateral Commission.” Glenn had previously anagrammed it to “Cast Iron Immortal Lies.” Remarkably, another anagram of the same term is “On Realistic Immortals,” which comes disturbingly close to the theme of this website.”)

The decrypted data consists almost entirely of multiple versions of the photograph inserted below.

Click on the photo to enlarge it and see the details in this hall of mirrors.

We’re appealing to our readers for help. Does anyone recognize where this place is? — Stephen


  1. Macinsack says:

    I’ve seen it before, it’s a mirrored cafe underneath a museum. I cna’t remember where, in London or NYC. No, Sidney I think. A lower room at the Sidney Opera House?

  2. Sirrian says:

    I’m chilled to the bones that “Trilateral Commission” has the word “immortal” in it. I can’t believe noone’s pointed that out before not Harold Ickes or Mark Dice, Alex Jones, or even Wikipedia.

    The drawings on the wall are Illuminati. That’s obvious. That’s John D Rockefeller on the right of the door and Eleanor Roosevelt on the left, and I think its Churchill on the far right top. The man reflected four times in the Illuminated mirrors (Illuminati mirors) is Armenian, you can see that from the way he stands and his clothes, probably Armenian mafia. They’re in it now.

  3. c says:

    what’s so special about taking a picture of a large room with pink walls.

  4. Sirrian says:

    Can’t you see what’s going on in there? There’s one guy and three reflections of him. That’s the FReemason symbol of 1 in to 4

  5. c says:

    Sirran, are you from one of those secret societies? that guy in there doesn’t mean anything to me.

  6. sirrian says:

    I don’t recognize the guy himself just that that there’s four of him. 1 -> 4. Remember the fresco?

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