Another appeal to readers

By Stephen. June 20th, 2010

Kate, I understand the feeling, but don’t give up yet. There’s no reason to think he’s in any danger. Remember, he recently purchased insulin. He’s a brilliant man with adequate resources to carry out what I now suspect is some deliberate quest. The fact that he is not in contact with us may merely indicate that he fears we might try to stop him. The latter would explain the way in which he seems to have left us intentional, and intentionally challenging, clues.

Specifically, I found more information on that hidden USB key. It appears that two phrases are present in multiple repetitions among nonsense data. These are (1)  “Read by eye rug” and (2) “Iced his lips.” In addition, these are often conjoined with the capitalized letters “SENS.”

If the source were anyone other than Glenn, the first phrase could mean that there’s a clue to be found by an eye rug (whatever that is) and the second that someone has either been killed or told to keep silent.  But coming from him, these must be anagrams. (As Flyss points out, Glenn has a passion for anagrams.)

Again, I appeal to readers for help.  How can we combine “SENS,” “Read by eye rug” and “iced his lips.” into something meaningful?  — Stephen


  1. Lylllee says:

    Come on. Use your brains. Use google if you don’t have any brains. SENS = Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey de Grey anagrams to “Read by eye rug.”

    Ok I had an advantage because I used to date a guy who’s into that world of physical immortality, obsessed with it. One of the best ways to escape living in the world right now is to spend all your time, and all your money, funding projects that aim your whole brain at the future. It’s a bunch of sad, sad, sacks working for SEN, people too emotionally shallow to even know what it is I’m talking about here. People have no imagination. They don’t know what they’re asking for. Kate knows what I mean. See her poem here:

  2. Sirrian says:

    It’s obvious what SENS stands for.

    I don’t know who’s actually behind them though I have my suspicions.

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