More photos of the hall of mirrors

By Stephen. June 21st, 2010

I found two other photos of that mirrored room, showing different perspectives.  Perhaps this will make it easier for someone to identify it. Again, remember that you can click on the images to enlarge them.

Notice the two reflections of the same wooden serving bar. These must be double reflections, involving a mirror outside the range of the photo, opposite the wall (and mirror) that we’re looking at.

Illuminati Meeting Room

This next one also shows the repeated mirroring effect well.

Using these two photos and the previous one, I’m trying to deduce the room’s actual shape and construction. However, I’m finding it a challenge, due to the repeating reflections.

It’s fully possible that this “hall of mirrors” may be an entirely secret space, unknown to anyone but those admitted. But if any of these photos ring a bell with anyone, please get in touch.

(It’s truly unfortunate that one can’t yet search Google images based on an image rather than a description!)  — Stephen

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