Reaching the “singularity” before time runs out

By Stephen. June 22nd, 2010

As I continue to research Aubrey de Grey, I am struck by the one significant difference between his quest and ours: Dr. de Grey is looking for something incremental, whereas we are in search of a single definitive step.

No doubt, his approach is the more practical. In the ordinary course of things, medicine will take progressive steps toward immortality.  Organs will be replaced by machines, or by artificially grown organs. Degenerative diseases will be slowed. The aging process in general will be analyzed and disrupted. It’s inevitable that, eventually, what de Grey calls “actuarial escape velocity” will be achieved. Whomever survives until that point will live forever.

However, many of us will not survive until that point, as we are already too ill or too old. It is for this reason that our discovery of actual, real life immortal human beings is so exciting. It seems likely that such people possess a mutation or a set of mutations that slows or stops the aging clock. If we could obtain even a small sample of his or her tissue, we could identify the altered genes, and proceed via genetic engineering to alter our own genomes to match. This would bring back the moment of permanent escape from death into the near present.

It is out of desire to pass through this “singularity” that we undertake the many risks involved in publishing this site.

I can only imagine that Glenn has similar intentions in undertaking the great risks of his current quest. — Stephen

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  1. c says:

    Hi Stephen,
    what A propose is all very scientific. What about the spiritual link to it? Doesn’t our soul(thoughts, feelings, desires, emotions)played a big role in all of this immortality matter? In Nepal, there is a boy called Ram who has controlled / re programming his cells/his body to not need food and water but living off Prana. I’m sure this is achievable if people put their minds to it. Let alone relying on medical needle shots…, dead baby embryos etc.

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