Someone offering stem cell treatment?

By Flyss. June 22nd, 2010

In a comment on my last post, “C” points out that Dr. de Grey is a proponent of stem cell treatment for life extension, and that, also, stem cells are being studied as a possible treatment for type I diabetes — the disease that Glenn’s been struggling with his whole life.

As I understand it, they’re not yet using stem cells in people,  just in rats, etc. Stephen, could someone in de Grey’s organization offered to break the law and experiment on him? — Flyss

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  1. c says:

    We can see what might be crossing in Glenn’s mind but doubt he would throw himself in a hurry to get Stem Cell treatment.

    well according to this article, it has already carried out its first human stem cells trial on patients with spinal cord injury

    I am not suggesting that A’s Foundation is offering stem cell treatment. It is possible that THere are a few private firms/clinics that would offer stem cell treatments. First of all, Glenn would need lots of time to have consultation as to whetherr Stem cell treatment is appropriate for him or not. It’s not a quick get fixed treatment. But first he would need lots of information to help him get to that stage. He is probably in Sacramento talking to someone who knows stem cell research. “Stem cell” treatment is on my mind but again could be wrong. Glenn could have done all this from his internet at home or, making phone calls and before making plans to head to Sacremento relating to this or to see an expert in any bio tech? companies for more info.

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