Where the UN charter was signed

By Stephen. June 22nd, 2010

In response to the second set of “hall of mirrors” photos taken off Glenn’s USB stick, a reader responded, “The UN charter.” This initially seemed to make no sense at all. However, it turns out to be the key to this entire matter.

As it happens, the original UN charter was signed in San Francisco, at a building called the Veterans War Memorial. In the basement of that building there’s a cocktail lounge/bar. Remarkably, there are no photos of it on Google images or Flikr. But its existence is no secret to San Francisco residents, who know it as the bar beneath Herbst Theater. We sent photos of the mirrored room to a contact in San Francisco, and he confirmed that these are one and the same place.

To repeat: the mirrored room is in the basement of the building where the UN charter was signed, currently the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center.

(continued in my next post) — Stephen


  1. c says:

    is that place restricted acess?

    what can he possibly find in there?

  2. humanspybot says:

    It’s not restricted, you can stroll right in. You could say that its hidden in plain sight which is how they do things, drawing their curtain over the gullible eyes of the public masses.

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