Someone posing as a disciple?

By Flyss. June 22nd, 2010

Strattera and I have been investigating our hearts out, and you know what: Aubrey de Grey doesn’t have any disciples. He’s not that kind of guy.

He has a foundation, and it’s in California, but they don’t treat people. They don’t sell supplements, or alter your genes, or freeze your brain. They fund research into extending life in mice. In mice! Sure, they want to make people live forever, but as a goal for the future, not as a project now.

They’re not crazy. They’re not quacks. They’re not evil. They’re academic types with a vision. At the worst, they’re a little boring, but some of my best friends are a little boring. And, sure, they’re single minded, but who isn’t? These are good guys.

What I think is that someone posed as a disciple of Dr. de Grey to lure Glenn in. And when I find him, I’ll nail all his parts to a wall. — Flyss.

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  1. c says:

    i hope Glennn is actually smarter than that as to meet someone just because they say they’re disciples of A.

    A has mentioned in his book that re generative medicine treatments are his suggestions to combating anti geing. One of them is namely Stem Cell treatment but trials are being done for Type 1 diabetes only. Could glenn have considered Stem Cell treatment?

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