Not their modus operandi

By Stephen. June 22nd, 2010

Would anyone in de Grey’s group offer to treat Glenn with stem cells for his type 1 diabetes?

I would be willing to bet anything that the answer is “no.”

It doesn’t fit their modus operandi. De Grey is futurist in the best sense: he thinks strategically and looks ahead. He’s said repeatedly that there’s nothing that could pose a greater problem for the goals of his organization than a premature experiment that goes awry.  For that matter, Dr. de Grey has expressed concerns about succeeding too quickly because he fears that if public isn’t first made ready for life extension the consequences could be harmful.

But could it have been an impostor pretending to have access to stem cells via Dr. de Grey? “C” says points out that Glenn should be far too smart to be tricked by an impostor, and in general I agree.

But he’s been getting desperate, and that can change everything. — Stephen

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  1. Lylllee says:

    Yeah I agree the SENS folks aren’t running any secret lab under the city giving out life extension drugs. They’re not that brave.

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