Only for now

By Stephen. June 23rd, 2010

Kate wrote, “Death is part of life.”

Yes, it is. But only for now. Very soon, people won’t die of diseases like diabetes. Sooner or later, people won’t have to die at all.

I have reason to believe, in fact,  that it will be much sooner than later. — Stephen


  1. c says:

    is this the end of the blog? Now He’s gone, will you all still be investigating/look out for immortals?

  2. M says:

    I am so sorry to read that Glenn passed away. May he rest in peace.
    and as Stephen says, it will be very soon……

    regards. and all the best guys…

  3. Flyss says:

    M: Thank you for writing! Yes, I think it’s going to be soon, too. Not not soon enough for Glenn, though. :-(

    C: Is this going to be the end of the blog? Hell fucking no! Now they’ve gotten me mad. I’m on the way to San Francisco to see what I can find out. We mortal humans have two things they don’t. (1) We can risk our lives. They’re too stuck on their endless lifespan to risk anything. (2) There’s a hell of a lot more of us than of them. It just so happens to be Gay Pride week in San Francisco this weekend. Let them try to find me in those crowds!

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