Homage to a brilliant man.

By Strattera. June 25th, 2010

I do want to point out that we still haven’t explained the presence of that symbol in his room.

I agree he seems to have died of natural causes.  If the symbol isn’t a calling card, perhaps he brought it with him as a  message to us.

If so, we should honor his effort, and his death in the line of action, by meditating on the message. I am posting it here as my homage to a brilliant man. Let us meditate on this symbol which encapsulates his life’s work. As  Flyss says, death is grotesque, but we can transform it by honoring those who have died in the service of something greater. In that spirit, let us salute Glenn, and vow to carry forward his work.

This is the symbol of a secret society of true immortals. They are powerful, but we do not fear them. They may fear us, but we are not their enemy. This is not a war, but a meeting. We honor their grandeur and their greatness, as Glenn would have us do.– Strattera

Secret Society of Immortals

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  1. iamsolucky says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

    We are alll great characters always yearning striving and pushing past human limits while playing in our stage play

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