I hate death

By Oxadrenals. June 26th, 2010

Yeah, I’m back. I haven’t known what to say, except that I hate death. I really do.

It’s possible to escape their surveillance, sure. They’re not godlike. They’re not even like Google or the NSA. But you do have to work at it. The best way is to entirely get rid of your current identity and start a new one. Like witness protection, only more so.

Most of us do it every fifteen years or so. The transition is a hoot. You hop fromĀ  one subway to another, buy tickets on one plane and actually take a flight someplace different, basically be insanely effective at losing a tail, and when you’re all done, you come out as someone else far far away.– Ox

P.S. But I don’t think they’re after you. I don’t think they even know you exist. She does, of course, but I think they live on in blissful ignorance. Also, she’s on your side, kind of, and probably wouldn’t let them touch you even if they did find out.


  1. c says:

    Bet the elder has links with those underground ETS….

  2. MK says:

    Dear OA,

    I ran across something very odd on godlikeproductions forum. A woman who said that she was Romanian posted there that a great meeting of “immortals” was taking place in her country. She explained that there was a group of people who had become immortal by ingesting the blood of someone from Romania who had been infected with the bubonic plague and survived. From her account, the antibodies that killed the plague imparted immortality to the person that had them. Strangely enough, she then described how this being was killed by others who consumed his blood and other tissues and became immortal VAMPIRES.

    I did not know what to make of her story. It sounded fishy to me, so I thought that I would bring it to the one place where such issues are considered and lay it out for consideration.

    Any takers?

    PS: I have heard from a scientist friends of other such stories that did not involve the vampire myth which I will share later in a more private way.

  3. c says:

    sounds like a plot stolen from Heroes.

    I wouldn’t buy it until someone has met them and examined them and the proof they survived in that particular time period.
    It could be just a bunch of wannabe vampires playing around with the idea that they are immortal.

    Do you have the link where i can read this hoo haaa drama…

  4. Observer says:

    All I’ve heard of the Romanians lately is that they’ve had massive flooding and thousands had to be evacuated.

    I do not see how a ‘great meeting’ there would safe… But who knows, maybe that’s what they want us to think?

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