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By Strattera. June 26th, 2010

We’re here in San Francisco, following through on one of Glenn’s two investigations: the site where the UN Charter was signed, the Veterans War Memorial. As we’ve taken our photographs, I’ve been meditating on the history powers over time.

As you may know, I used to be in the military, before I was thrown out for violating certain norms. I have a certain knowledge of history, but mostly of military history. Flyss found some of my comments useful, and encouraged me to write in more depth than I usually would do. It wasn’t so hard, as I am passionate about this subject. And I feel that many people today seem to live in a world devoid of history, as if the world had just happened yesterday. The long perspective of time changes thing.

The UN is widely assumed by some to be a vehicle of the Illuminati, designed to establish a new world order. Maybe so. But the UN came out of the League of Nations, which came out of two centuries of European wars and the desire to stop nation states from slaughtering each other. Nation states came out of centuries of feudal struggle. Feudal powers come out of aristocracies that go back so far no one can trace them. So the UN is extremely new, historically speaking, right on the cusp. But I’ve been struck here how old and outdated the UN is compared to the new powers that are rising.

Still, it is newer than many. Right near the Veteran’s War Memorial (VMW) complex, there’s a statue of an ancient leader of a military civilization. Here’s the statuary base:

Ashurbanipal lived in the 7th century BCE. This warrior/scholar/king was a neo-Assyrian, meaning that even as long ago as that he led a new power. “Ancient” is relative. Yet, considering the placement of this statue, I wonder if he is one of the current leaders of the Immortal Illuminati. If this is the case, can see what Oxadrenals means when he says that the ancient immortals might tend to be hidbound in their thinking.

Returnin to the Veteran’s War Memorial. It’s built in a style that looks very old fashioned, right out of the Middle Ages. Here’s a view of part of its facade:

Secret Soceity of Immortals San Francisco

But this style is nothing like Medieval. It’s actually neo- neo- neo- neo-classic, with more neos than that, meaning it’s the most recent point of a chain of newness.  Time sure telescopes out.

This is even more true of what’s inside the VWM, such as some type of secret shrine. (Continued in the next post.) –Strattera

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  1. c says:

    the serpents are behind every gov and every country!

    they have to create war now and then cos there’s just too much people on earth. it’s designed to erode man’s psyche and condition him into believing there’s an enemy that needs fighting… but our real enemies are our selves….

    Ashurbanipal is just another puppet.

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