More on the Veteran’s Memorial

By Strattera. June 27th, 2010

To finish my thread on the Veteran’s Memorial. I promise that after this I will pull back from my big picture storytelling and return to old, calm, just-the-facts Strattera.

You may remember that we were first led to the memorial by photos of a mirrored room. That room was said to be in the basement of the Veterans War Memorial. We were able to confirm that, but it is now closed, locked, and unmarked. Rather than risk trying to look inside, we sought out an old friend, and obtained obtain photos of it from him. Here is one of them:

He told us that Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Albert Einstein were among the faces pictured, and that he had no idea why they or any of the other photos were placed there. The room appears to have been locked up only about a month ago.

At the same time, statues began to disappear. This niche in the foyer used to have a statue of a man:

The room next to the one with the shrine was wide open and swept mostly clean. But lying on the ground there was this yellowing paper:

It is a little difficult to see in the photo, but the names of US states are engraved on this peculiar structure. And next to the yellowed image there was this symbol, printed on what looked like a postcard, of all things.

Secret Society of Immortals

Flyss once wrote of the “great migration of the immortals.” Have they left San Francisco too? Have they left all the states, or most of them?

Where have they gone? — Straterra

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  1. c says:

    where they have gone? i’d say underground or still hanging around. They tend to look so ordinary, how would you even spot them until they speak of a tone of great calmness and quiet optimism. Why would they also want to disturb the dramatic lives of other mortals? for sure, i wouldn’t if put in their shoes, Mortals must also learn to break the bondage of death/aging all by themselves without being spoon fed by beings who have more knowledge.

    Wonder if Ox knows other immortals around…

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