Moving too fast for them

By Stephen. June 28th, 2010

Sorry this is posted so late. I’ve been living somewhat on adrenaline lately, seeing dangers at every turn. I may have been imagining dangers at every turn, in fact. It is difficult to say. Oxadrenals may be right, and we could be off their radar entirely. They haven’t troubled Kate, and she has continued to live right where she always has, keeping up her counseling practice.

Perhaps they are fully engaged in this “migration” we have talked about, transferring their center of activity to another location. Izumo? Santa Clara? Certainly, among the evidence you have found that of the Illuminati symbol in the mostly vacant room is the most definitive.

One wonder why they left it behind? A calling card? An insult thrown in the face of any mortals who might wish to know where they went?

After reading your historical collage I imagine them throwing up their hands at the difficulty of keeping up with us. I imagine them saying, “We thought we had it worked out with the United Nations. But already, in the blink of an eye since the UN’s founding, photographs have changed from black and white to color. There is television, the Internet, Google, cell phones, genetics, bioengineering. How can we keep up?” I imagine them pulling back, moving their whole operation to a fresh new hiding place. They must feel trapped by us, but what we mortals are doing in the world. As I said, it makes one feel proud. — Stephen


  1. MK says:

    I forgot to mention that the Romanian who posted on Godlike Productions said that the “vampire” immortals are gathering to discuss whether to tell the world of their existence. She said that they were gathering in Romania. Could this be the migration if it is at all true or connected?

    Strange things are happening everywhere..

  2. humanspybot says:

    Yeah, I say, “believe it.” It’s happening. They said it somewhere on the site: we humans are flushing them out, even if we don’t want to and don’t even know.

  3. c says:

    can you post the link of the thread? i’m c urious to read more on this

  4. humanspybot says:

    Yes, sorry. I found it:

  5. c says:

    ?? i don’t think this is the thread discussion from GODLIKE production website.

  6. humanspybot says:

    Oh that was the post I mentioned in my comment. June 30th 12:09 am. I don’t know anything about godlike vampire Romanians. Tried searching on Godlike productions but didn’t fint.

  7. c says:

    i was asking MK!

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