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By Strattera. June 29th, 2010

One more photo set from the parade. Again, my point here is not the specific content, but hard it must be for truly ancient people to keep up.

These folks arrived half way through:

As you can see if you enlarge the photo, this is an advertisement for Genentech, the biotechnology company. This is a company that works with our DNA. How are immortals supposed to cope with ideas like this?

Here is another advertisement that company chose to “place” in the parade:

Of course, it’s funny, and it’s meant to be. But my point is this: Ancient people would have no context for this. Go a blink of an eye back in time, and not only did LGBT people have no rights, women were expected to be subservient to men; two blinks back and men without property couldn’t vote; three blinks back and slavery was legal. ┬áIf someone is three thousand years old, we’re talking about drastic changes in the last 5 – 10% of their lives. How well could you adjust if changes of that magnitude occurred in a roughly similar percentage of your life span?

So, I think we make an error if we think of immortals as some kind of all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise forces. I would imagine they are deeply confused, frightened, and working as hard as they can to merely cope. — Strattera

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  1. humanspybot says:

    Genentech: (Officially working on genetic therapies!) South San Francisco, right near Santa Clara county, California

    Google: (those guys your giveing your brain away to) Menlo Park, right near Santa Clara County, California

    SENS foundation: Sunnyvale, in Santa Clara County, California

    Apple (those ipods and iphones you trust so much): Cupertino, in Santa Clara County, California.

    Santa Clara County. Santa Clara County. Can you hear it yet?

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