A major difference

By Stephen. June 30th, 2010

I do want to clarify: though I love that quotation too, I don’t seriously think anyone is guilty for causing the world’s population explosion by reducing infant mortality. *

However, no one intended to heat the earth either, and yet it is happening. And there is one major difference to keep in mind: We are setting out deliberately to extend life span. Therefore, we have a responsibility to look at the consequences.– Stephen

*FYI, infant mortality was primarily impacted by increases in food supply. Sanitation was also important. Vaccinations were a distant third, and all the other efforts of doctors and public health officials have scarcely made any impact on world population levels at all. This, though, may begin to change, as “indefinite life extension” becomes a reality.


  1. c says:

    Door of Everything

    “To call the web of human sub-creation ‘appearances’ is not to say that it is imaginary. Actually, it is real, painfully…real and active. Within this web of collective forces are included many experiences which have been accepted as the way life is …poverty, disease, old age, the cycles of death and rebirth…

    Since such imperfections have generally been accepted without question, very few…have tried to find perfection…the life force which cannot age, since it is the perfection of youth.”

    The Door of Everything, by Ruby Nelson

  2. Arjun Sen says:

    Dear sir,
    showing and paying full respect and dignity to human race,still i would like to ask you something,imagine i do not want my parents to die ever,considering that all of them are above 60,
    once upon a time,nobody could dream of NASA or plastic surgery,but today it has been possible.Are realistic inventions/experiments being made in this regard? It is important not for me , but for everyone, whoever do exist physically and are alive on this earth today starting from criminals to Nobel Lauretes,which person would ever like to die,there is genuinely no point saying out “idioms,proverbs,maxims,all ideal principles” with regard to this? i am not at all in the mood of joking. Please do not take it otherwise, i am not a doctor but i do understand mathematics for sure…

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