Powerful quote!

By Flyss. June 30th, 2010

Whoah! What a powerful quote on one of the the subjects of this thread. From our reader “humanspybot:”

Forget the internal combustion engine: saving babies was the greatest act of war on the planet ever committed!!

What a brilliant and horrible way to say it! Now I suppose ending aging may be even worse. And what Stephen got out of my idea is even more staggering. Battle Royal! Holy sh-it. — Flyss

[thread continues here, with an interesting note here.]

FYI: Humanspybot is the one who figured out the meaning of the mirrored room.
Brilliant guy or gal that one is.

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  1. Lylllee says:

    Stephen stirred the pot but good at SENSF.org


    For a bunch of smart guys they’re incredibly shallow those SENSF cuties, but that’s how it goes.

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