Ahead of you, waiting with cup of coffee in hand

By Oxadrenals. July 3rd, 2010

Being an old hand at anagrams, and all kinds of other bepuzzlements too, I’m way ahead of y’all. In fact, I’m sitting there already, cup of coffee in hand, waiting for you nice folks to show up. — Ox


  1. Varekai says:

    You may be an old hand but you seem just so bland,
    These games seem all the same,
    Let’s play a game of my own to see how well you’re skills are honed,
    Why do you lie? Why do you hide?
    Do you fear the truth or is it the noose?
    But in good time you shall find,
    That while most minds are blind,
    There are some ties that still yet bind,
    And you, my old friend, shall see my new trend.
    But I am not done and shall soon start my fun,
    So heed my advice, it is very precise,
    Kinsman, you might want to run.

  2. Observer says:

    Come now, Ox. If you really know the answer to their puzzles, why not just tell them and save them a lot of grief?

    Vare, there’s no need to be rude, no matter how poetic the rudeness may be. I love the Cirque, so nice choice of name, though. It also goes well with that poem. “Wherever” kind of gives off an omniscient feeling, meaning you could be ‘anywhere’ knowing everything…

    However, I do not wish to get in the middle of anything. I’m Switzerland.

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