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By Stephen. July 4th, 2010

Great work all of you! We’ve now identified “Hafeem ObservingAll” as one of the hidden messages in the photos appearing posthumously on Glenn’s Flikr page. The expression occurs in conjunction with “friended by” and “my assistant. I certainly do suspect that this is not a person, but my expert system at work. Therefore, this part of the riddle indicates that a “cyber-person” called “Hafeem ObservingAll” is serving as Glenn’s posthumous agent. “She” has uploaded photos to his Flikr page, and also made comments on this site.

Glenn’s page also contains the expression: “Info:Hidden Immortals.”

In addition, there are two other photos: One of a crystal with the words, “Illuminati Forum,” and another of a set of numbers with the words, “phone numbers do it.” What these mean, we do not yet know.  — Stephen

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  1. MK says:

    This is startlingly like the plot of the novel, “DAEMON” about a gaming programmer who creates a program to execute his wishes after his death. I think that everybody should read it.

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