Ghost Children

By Stephen. July 13th, 2010

In my last post, I mentioned discovering that fake people are being created in the US, in the sense that they get social security numbers and whole lives, but are never photographed and don’t seem to actually exist. I call them ghost children, and I believe that they are false identities painstakingly created for Immortals to step into. I discovered them some time ago, and have been systematically tracking more than a hundred.*

I also mentioned that I believe I’ve caught someone we know in the act of stepping into the identity of a ghost child.

A little background:When the ANC initially took power in South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s personality was such as to maintain amity, despite the white minority’s terrible history. But subsequent leaders haven’t had the same capacity, nor perhaps even the same intention. In recent years, there has been a tremendous amount of “white flight” from South Africa. A great many of these people are coming to the United States. And, as it happens, the US Homeland Security department isn’t terribly vigilant about illegal immigrants from there, and legal immigration isn’t that difficult. Use of ghost children shouldn’t be necessary.

For this reason, it caught my attention when I discovered that a certain white South African had been funneling money into the bank accounts “belonging” to no fewer than 11 eleven presumably non-existent white males in their early twenties. With that money, these ghost children have bought homes, installed security systems, purchased bullet proof cars, etc.

I don’t have a photograph of this South African.  But, as students of this blog may know, there is a certain Immortal living in South Africa whose time there is running out.  Because we first sighted him in Australia, we call him The Aussie. — Stephen

*As an aside, the expert system I used to do the systematic tracking is Babble-on, a name that some readers may recognize.


  1. Observer says:

    Weren’t you guys sure “The Aussie” was in the US already?… having already left South Africa.

  2. c says:

    these immortals who uses phantom identities, i’m sure the usa gov knows about them.

    May be that’s how ox did it too to survive that long without too much problems. :-P

  3. c says:

    social security systems aren’t supposed to have photos assigned to their records, i also recall, they don’t record your education back ground either…well that’s the way i understand it from where i am.

  4. Stephen says:

    In the US, social security numbers themselves record nothing at all. But the SS number has ended up becoming a default identity label, and is therefore attached or associated with a great many other elements of data. By sifting public or scarcely private databases, it’s trivial to associate a SS# with a student ID, an address, a phone number, etc. etc.

  5. vanadium23 says:

    Closed faiths established during the new Thought period can accomplish this, (mid 1800′s) the records of the children are kept by the parents, if they leave on their own they are met with shunning and false information, with no base reality it depends on how much information can be obtained, if the identity is still valid or ever was for that matter, and of course the suspicion of any State making the victim appear sinister.

    The doctrine and rules are changed and regional.

  6. JKS says:

    I’m turning 40 this year and I still get carded for Alcohol. It’s quite flattering, but it got me thinking, what if I never get old?

    Would I watch my friends and family grow old and die around me? Would they start to resent me and finally deny me before they die because of my youthful appearance?

    Would the DMV and SSA stop believing me after I get too old to be believable? Would they claim I fabricated my birth certificate? Or that I’m stealing an old person’s identity?

    Interesting questions about what would happen to a real life immortal who didn’t understand why he or she isn’t aging. Might make a good movie or comic book.

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