Raising heirs on the social security farm?

By Stephen. July 13th, 2010

I’ve just discovered an entirely new way to discover potential True Immortals and Hafeems (and probably terrorists too), and via this method I think I’ve found someone we already know.

You may be aware that the proliferation of online databases allows for a kind of sifting of information to find personal data in databases supposedly shorn of personal identifiers. I’ve been working with certain very large datasets lately, and have come across something that I’m calling “the social security farm.”

It appears that a considerable number of people issued social security numbers just so happen to never have their photos taken. They do not appear in school yearbooks, nor do they get driver’s licenses or passports. However, they’re not merely illegal immigrants as they very often possess certificates of graduation from US primary and secondary schools, if not colleges and universities, and other evidence to suggest that they have actual lives. Some of them marry, and a few even have children: but there is no photographic record of their appearance.

It would take someone with a great deal of patience and long range planning to carry out a project like this. An who would fit the picture better than an Immortal? As such a person can anticipate outliving his or her ability to pass as a mortal in one locale after 15 or 20 years, they might very well take the time to create a secure identity of the appropriate age to step into when they flee. In my mind, this process is called, “raising heirs on the social security farm.”

Now for the piquant part: I think I’ve identified one particular Immortal getting ready to change identities in this way, someone of considerable significance to this blog.

(continued in my next post) — Stephen



    Can a half mortal have a child and leave them with mortals who do not know? Some people call me a vampire because I am not aging at the rate I should. I see friends my age and is starting to get scared of my appearence. I have begun to put my age back by 20 years. It could be because I take good care of myself but I still have a period and I am headed for 70 and long to have another child but then people would know how slowly I am aging. Can you help me? I am scared and cring. Thank God for this website!

    • Kate says:

      You certainly do seem to be a Hafeem. Alas, it would appear that there are no good options regarding children. The grow up, age and die while you remain young. It’s heartbreaking! (Saul discusses this in The Hafeem Saul.) One is forced to abandon the child one way or another.

      But why can’t you move away from where you are now — start a whole new life elsewhere?

      Still, that may not be necessary. If the Immortality Project succeeds, you will no longer have to feel like a “freak.” — Kate

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