On the SENS foundation, continued

By Stephen. July 15th, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, as I’ve gotten to know the SENS foundation better, I’ve been dismayed by their simplistic view of things. They seem to live in a fictional universe.

My position is that life extension is coming AND that it will cause many problems. I’m in favor of life extension AND I’m in favor of looking at the problems  it will create with open eyes. But members of the foundation (with the luminous exception of Aubrey de Grey) seem to be infected with the belief that everything is just fine.

They display a profound lack of awareness of history (the world began the day before yesterday), of psychology (people are mostly rational, except for those inferior people who aren’t), of politics (countries will decide to do the right thing AND the citizens of those countries will behave in lockstep) and of economics (since there is plenty of food there won’t be famines), and seem to work within a set of ideas so simplistic as to be irresponsible.

As I digested their aggressive brand of naiveté I found myself thinking thoughts more characteristic of my deceased friend Glenn than of myself: What if they are not truly as uninformed, as irresponsibly naive as they appear? What if, instead they actually intend to discredit the anti-aging movement by representing it so badly?

In my next post, I will turn to Aubrey de Grey himself. — Stephen

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  1. ImmortalisRX says:

    I agree that the coming cessation of aging will cause problems for some and opportunities for others. I must say that the death of great minds and loved ones is no longer necessary and quite detrimental. But your point of “SENS” being, as an organization, a bunch of double agents is very plausible and should be considered viable. Any group or organization with a uniform world outlook, especially an outlook that assumes group think, (government knows best), should be discounted immediately as a cult or worse a political party.

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