Travelogue 4: The Box

By Flyss. July 17th, 2010

Continued from my last post.

If the hall of mirrors room itself is almost too cute, the room behind the door is stark, bare and frightening.

When I finished picking the lock and we stepped inside, the first thing we saw was this highly disturbing object:

This box locks from the outside only. The switches on the seat sometimes turn on the light, and sometimes they do nothing. Learned helplessness?

There are scuff and scratch marks all over the various surfaces. We didn’t find any blood, but the box seems to ring with screams. Actually, you can scream all you want from inside, as it’s absolutely soundproof.

What did they do to people in here? (Continued in my next post.) — Flyss

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  1. c says:

    if i may guess, they can fit a person in there, completely gagged for temporary periods of solitary confinement

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