Because we were never there …

By Flyss. July 21st, 2010

To continue:

How could we manage to stand around out here snapping photos of what must be intended as a trap without being caught? Because we never were there.

We weren’t in a car driving by, or in a rented room with a long distance view, nor did we send in a drone or a trained dog with a video camera.

We obtained the images using the street-level view feature of Google maps.

Whyy does this isolated, abandoned building have a street-level view on Google maps? That’s anĀ  interesting question.

To any True Immortals who may read this: Google might very well be your enemy. But we are not! (Thread continued here by Strattera and then by Stephen.) — Flyss


  1. Observer says:

    Google maps has tons of street-level views all over the world. Far too many to count in fact. It’s no surprise any building might have one as part of the zoom feature when looking up a location, especially in an urban environment. You can look up practically any city and zoom in to get a street view of almost anywhere.

  2. C says:

    I don’t like google.. anymore..

    last week, i thought i would try to see if google had recorded pictures of all the residences of where i am.

    Lo and Behold… my home was being photographed and any one could get a picture of what it looks like before for the crooks to break in. I”M NOT LIKING THIS ONE BIT> F**K THEM BIG TIME. I hope their building of data records explodes!

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