Nice try, but

By Oxadrenals. July 22nd, 2010

Stephen wrote:

“But we shall not post them there. We refrain on purpose, to show our respect for their secrets, to bury in this blog a message that they can read when at last they do discover us: We shall not expose anything about you. Google may be a threat to you, but we are not.”

I know you guys are going overboard to reassure those nice folks you call the secret society of immortal Illuminati. But there’s one big, bad problem.


Not that I’m so big and bad. More Little Red Riding Hood, myself. But those guys hate me. And when they discover this blog, seeing my mug on it isn’t  going to make them happy. — Ox


  1. C says:

    you don’t have to “exist”. Your entries can be deleted… so you won’t be detected at all

  2. C says:

    unless you’re setting up yourself as bait to lure them into somethin

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