By Kate. July 23rd, 2010

Oh body unstainable by age! / Oh Crown Jewel of creation!

“You are not an immortal who is ageless / you are an immortal who is lifeless.”

(So writes SonataH,)

It is brilliantly said.

For these beings who can / endure forever

So long as they are not harmed,

Grow so fearful for their infinity / they dare not live at all.


And yet…

We are now to think /that these fearful, ageless, True Immortals

Have moved to Santa Clara? / To live among earthquakes,

And near the new / and growing

Powers of Google, Apple, Genentech?

There are paradoxes here.
Who can set them clear? — Kate

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  1. Janni Lloyd says:

    Hi Kate,
    When I was a practicing doctor in General Practice, I observed many on the ‘ageing, physical death is inevitable’ path become so fearful of death that they gave up connecting with the world , their ‘living’ became very limited.
    many blessings Janni

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