A hidden world — or two — beneath the redwoods.

By Flyss. July 25th, 2010

Now, having wrapped all that up, I think it’s time to check in on that ghost children farm in Santa Cruz Stephen found. As you may recall, I wanted to re-check out San Francisco first, to “tie up some loose ends.” Well, we sure did that. Now it’s Santa Cruz’s turn

Strattera, Peter the great (our instructor) and I are out there now.

A little geography: Santa Clara County (also known as Silicon Valley) is on the south end of San Francisco Bay, on the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Actually, the county goes all the way up to the summit of those mountains, but when you come down the west side heading toward the ocean, you’re in Santa Cruz county.

Oxadrenals wants us to stay on the west side of the mountains and away from Santa Clara, since as he suspected and we now know pretty much for sure, a secret society of True Immortals has settled among the silicon. But this is rather interesting if you put it together with what Yahannah said?

“Both friends and not friends live where the trees are cold, and old and soft and high.”

Some place like this?

Santa Cruz county and Santa Clara county both contain large redwood forests. Huge, endless, shading away the sky and hiding thousands of square miles beneath their canopy. Here’s what you see when you stare straight up:

And these are just tiny, young trees.  We haven’t gotten to the really big ones. When you’re under those, you don’t see any sky at all.  It’s a separate, secret world, pretty much perfect to hide in if you’re a True Immortal. Or, if you’re a Hafeem.

Yahannah spoke of both friends and not friends hiding in the “cold, old, soft high” trees.” Oxadrenal has proven himself to be a friend, but the Immortal Illuminati are at the very least “not friends.” Are they facing off on opposite sides of the Santa Cruz mountains, Oxadrenal’s society of Hafeems, and that other secret society, the Immortal Illuminati, each one hidden beneath the redwood canopies, or beneath the ancient ground beneath the trees?– Flyss


  1. c says:

    there is something hauntingly beautiful about this forest ( http://www.trueimmortals.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/tree1-e1280088042431.jpg)

    it reminds me of the scenery setting in “New Moon” where bella meets with edward regularly!

  2. Flyss says:

    I agree! Redwood forests are truly magical. (And I’ll also take this gratefully as a compliment on my photo!)

  3. C says:

    You’re welcome :)

    Blessed these ancient redwood forests for there are not much left because of humans chopping them down and using it for their own means….

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