Why we don’t just get along

By Oxadrenals. July 26th, 2010

Stephen asked me to write a brief post explaining why my guys don’t get along with their guys (nor my gals with their gals, etc.), as it’s a subject in the background recently.

Basically, high minded as we try to be, Hafeems and True Immortals bump each other on the chins.  Not one-on-one. It’s happened a lot that a young True Immortal gets mentored by a Hafeem. But once True Immortals get pretty old they usually find us irritating pretenders; and we don’t like them much either because they never get wrinkles or nose hairs.

Not to be so flip, I’m in favor of physical immortality for all, they’re not and hence the problem. I’m doing some things to to get there the SENS foundation never dreamed of, and the upshot is that  I’m racing toward a head on collision with the Trueimms (God, they’d hate to be -called that, but a reader suggested it and I approve) when they step athwart my plans. This fall or winter at the latest the showdown starts.

Now, about a delicate subject: The Eldest, (blessed She) has not taken sides. To use her own words, she chooses to “hold the powers equal and let chance decide.” The one power is my group, the other power is Antipollus and his True Immortal Illuminati (with Sollaya and the Blue&blacks and bunches of others.) Truth be told, Antipollus is a hell of a lot stronger than me. (Smarter too, richer, wiser, cleverer, more perceptive … but I’m twice as handsome.) If he stepped in with all his might I’d be boot polish.

But the Eldest (blessed She) is stronger than either of us, and she’s holding us apart. In the mean time, we’re getting closer and close, and the pressure is building, and if she decides to stop maintaining the peace we will snap-to at war, with the hounds of hell baying and sniffing each other’s butts, and the cats of hell massing into vast cat herds, and also lots of shouting. And killing, and guns and nasty comments so hurtful they can never be taken back. Or worse. — Oxadrenals


  1. c says:

    WHy she ‘s doing that holding peace for both of you? [rest of comment removed by admin]

  2. Observer says:

    Thanks for clearing that up a bit. :)

    “God, they’d hate to be -called that”… consider my gut busted…lol

  3. oxadrenals says:

    C: Please don’t speak of Her in that way. Not only is it disrespectful, it’s terrifically dangerous to you.

    We are not related to her, nor to each other. She does what she wills.

  4. C says:

    I’m sorry….

  5. Varekai says:

    To the Observer who now has my interest,
    I find you to be the sharpest.
    I’m not condescending,
    I’m merely just venting
    That Ox refuses to speak.

  6. oxadrenals says:

    What am I refusing to speak about? Refusing to speak isn’t usually my biggest fault, at least not compared to refusing to shut up, or eating asparagus on Memorial Day. Whaddaya you want me to talk about? Ask away. Wash me with questions ’till. I hyssop. Just don’t expect me to give you an alibi for that evening last March. Nope. Nothing doing.

    • Kaiser says:

      I refuse to give up on this subject until you, Oxadrenals, reaches out. This website is archived for a reason, and that reason, to me and another which I will not say who, is to leave a message. Oxadrenals. We come to help. An outsider is no enemy until you make him one. We wish to aid in time of a historic moment. You say you wish to give the gift of immortality to everyone. But without outside help other than your group, this will be a lot harder than it would seem, and I’m sure you are aware of that. Do not underestimate a normal mortal’s potential.

      You know how to contact me. I encourage you to do so. Some of the secrets are out, and I believe this to be more than a story. I am confident we will speak soon.


  7. Observer says:

    “To the Observer who now has my interest,
    I find you to be the sharpest.”

    Thank you very kindly for the complement. :)

  8. humanspybot says:

    Hah! I just now deciphered the name “Oxadrenals.” According to this post — http://www.trueimmortals.net/?p=2714 — it’s an anagram of the true name of the True Immortal you refer to as “Antipollus.” You don’t print the true name on the blog, though, because you don’t want him to Google his own name and find the site. So I won’t write it here. But am I far wrong to think that it’s a variation of a certain Great? :-)

  9. humanspybot says:

    Varekai: I see that you posted something about this, way back when. Was the proper name up for a little while?

  10. Varekai says:


  11. C says:

    what makes you think you’re not offending her too by talking about her int his blog? How would she feel if you’ve exposed her like that? I’m sure she is a very private person, she does not want to be known or studied.

  12. oxadrenals says:

    Fair question. Unfair answer: I trust my own instincts.

  13. c says:

    this is so dramatic. Reminds me of an episode of Highlander. Could an outrageous reason be that they do not just want to exterminate you and your type of breed but want your DNA(you’re probably genetically related to the Eloominatis) for further experiments.


  14. oxadrenals says:

    Different reason. You’ll see. (Not yet.)

  15. Observer says:

    Ox, were you blokes fighting/arguing back when everyone thought of elixirs? Or was that before the both of your times?

    It just seems to me, that if you’re on opposing sides now with the ‘potential’ looming for science to do what has long been suggested of elixirs and the like by people of olden times, you would have been on opposing sides back then in the olden times…

    Also, if it’s not before your time, are you still in the same position you were back then, for giving out immortality, or are your current views different from back then?

  16. oxadrenals says:

    Hey, I ain’t not no bloke, nohow.

    I’m not so very olden myself, just a few hundred years. For the first couple of centuries I was mostly into, well … being charming to the opposite sex, you could say.

    No conflicts with the big guys until just recently (like 1960ish). No special hope in science doing this till then either. Watson and Crick started the war. All their fault.

  17. Observer says:

    “were you blokes…”
    “Hey, I ain’t not no bloke, nohow. ”

    No offense meant here. Me saying ‘you blokes’ is like someone saying ‘you guys/gals’, or ‘you all’, ‘ya’ll.’ Just me using a bit of slang for a couple of people I was assuming were both dudes… :)

  18. Oxadrenals says:

    No offense taken. “I ain’t not no bloke, nohow” was American slang set up in reaction to your Aussie patter just for funning around.

    The other guys aren’t all guys. Sollaya, who runs the blue&blacks, is very much a female type person. About 7000 years old, or thereabouts, and my is she powerful. And young looking. And etc. etc.

  19. c says:

    what do you mean by “powerful”? emotionally or … “with a snap of my fingers, i can turn you to dust” threats or “i can bring you to life just as i can take it away”powers…

    talking about elixirs, St Germain did invent elixirs for youthfulness a few hundred years back. You must have met him. No one really took him seriously

  20. Observer says:

    Speaking of a couple hundred years back… Ox, may I ask in what country you ‘came of age?’
    (It’s okay if you don’t want to say. It’s just been my experience that separate countries generally have distinct cultures all their own, and that being said, people might know how to better narrow their questions for you if they knew around where you grew up… )

  21. Oxadrenals says:

    C: Powerful, as in she is charged with personal power (spirit, emotion, will, intelligence, experience, perception, understanding), and powerful as in she commands enormous resources.

    Observer: It’s pertinent, and not impertinent. Paris, and Voltaire was still a kid.

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