Clashing Symbols / Banging Pots

By Oxadrenals. July 27th, 2010

That vision of a True Immortal (I imagine Sollaya) lurking in a fog-condomn-ed tower and staring at the city as through a cataract darkly rings true. That’s them alright.

Not that they’re evil. I don’t want to give that impression. They’re totally dedicated to doing good. Only, they think they know what’s good for us. That’s the scary part — Ox

P.S. That diamond/eye symbol carved into the chalk? It’s theirs, yeah. But it’s scrawled right over one put up by a friend of mine. Like a dog marking where another dog marked, the joiks.


  1. SonataH says:

    My comment can’t be posted at all? Interesting.

  2. stephen says:

    Actually, what happened is that you forgot to include your email address when posting. This causes WordPress to automatically put your post in the “moderate” queue.

  3. SonataH says:

    This really has nothing to to with the post, but I’ve noticed that most comments are ignored no matter what they say. Some people may be needing clarification or have useful information, but aside from being moderated, they’re ignored. [remainder of comment removed by Admin]

  4. Flyss says:

    FYI, Stephen, Kate and I do respond, mostly in direct emails but sometimes in the comments or even in our posts. But mostly you’ve been talking to other readers, or calling out Oxadrenals and he’s not a big correspondent. (Maybe because he’s a Heap Big Hafeem muckey-muck.)

  5. SonataH says:

    Why was the last part of my comment removed?

  6. Flyss says:

    SonataH already knows this, but we removed part of his or her comment because it contains some things we don’t want written on this site. This is no criticism of SonataH, as in fact we would not have known it was off limits until very recently. Thanks to all of you, by the way, for exercising discretion in your comments!

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