Flickering Tower

By Strattera. July 27th, 2010

(Continued from Flyss’ last post.)

On our recent visit to  San Francisco, we had been interviewing homeless people about the Veteran’s War Memorial. During these conversations, however, we heard little about the memorial but a great deal about a flickering tower seen while our interviewees had been sleeping in Golden Gate Park. (That tower is pictured in this post.) Many were of the opinion that the rolling fog didn’t merely hide lights in the  tower; rather, that the arrival of the  fog was used as an occasion  for turning off the lights in the tower.

This  repeated story caught our attention. To my mind, this suggested a sniper hiding in a darkened tower, but Kate (with whom we consulted) provided us an opposite image: that of someone standing in a darkened, fog-shrouded tower, invisible to the outside world and therefore entirely safe from snipers.

San Francisco could only be glimpsed dimly from such a surveillance spot. However, this would be of secondary importance to a person for whom personal safety is prioritized above all else: A True Immortal.

Having time to kill while carrying out the pretense of photographing that abandoned building, we conducted  a break-in of the flickering tower. It was something of a technical challenge, but I shall spare you the details except to mention that we did so during the day on a Sunday,when the crowds were too thick for an Immortal.

The tower room was empty, swept clean. Its walls, too, were almost entirely bare, except for a crucifix on one wall and on another the photo shown below:

Leaving aside the meaning of the symbol, the medium it’s carved in is easily recognizable as a chalky cliff face, and the pattern of weathering suggests the presence of wind and sand: eg., the ocean.

The cliff material at the ocean in San Francisco is of an entirely different consistency, as per direct examination. There might be similar cliffs by the ocean north of San Francisco,but we haven’t taken time to explore in that direction; as it happens, there is a cliff of exactly this type extending more than 30 miles  north and south of Santa Cruz.

This, of course, proves nothing. But it gives us a focus as we explore Santa Cruz, California. — Strattera

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