Through the tunnel

By Flyss. July 28th, 2010

In my last post, I showed the entrance to a tunnel on the beach below the house owned by one of the Aussie’s ghost children.

The house sits up on the cliff that’s ubiquitous along the beach in Santa Cruz. The tunnel at first appears to be some kind of run-of-the-mill culvert handling runoff from the street. But actually, it’s a kind of U-shaped culvert, with two outlets to the ocean dividing a single stream of runoff.

We followed it around for a while,

and then saw light again:

(Like Kate says, in and out of the dark, but a lot more in the light than than we used to be.)

The tunnel leads out onto an isolated beach caught between two arms of the cliff. Here’s a view to the right:

And here’s the view off to the left:

In between, there’s a large, solitary rock just sitting there, like it fell straight out of the sky:

It’s made of the same chalky material seen the photo we found in the cathedral tower.

And, just like in that photo, there are all kinds of symbols and messages carved onto its face. (Continued in my next post) — Flyss


  1. Observer says:

    Please, oh please, tell me you all showered after that little excursion… & that you scrubbed and scrubbed with all the muster you could using a lot of soap.

  2. Flyss says:


    It wasn’t a sewage tunnel. Just water!

  3. Observer says:

    Even so, do you know what kind of crud can be growing in there?… I shudder to think.

    There’s algae, molds, and who knows what else that could be bad…

    Also, if the water pools and stagnates even for a little bit or gets caught up in rocks and things, there are literally a ton of things that can grow and thrive in that water and be potentially harmful to humans. Think of ponds. Water yes, but certainly not something you’d want to be wading through and especially not something to drink. (not that you would)

    How would you know if someone put something in that water or if that water was contaminated? You wouldn’t. (Well, unless you took samples and sent them to a lab, but then you still wouldn’t be sure for a good while.)

    I’m just saying there could be a lot going on with water, even if you can’t see it.

    So, please could you scrub a dub dub?

  4. c says:

    i seriously agree with Observer

  5. Flyss says:

    I wasn’t barefoot!

    It can’t really be that bad. One side of the tunnel (the one we entered) drains onto a public beach, with kids playing and the like. It can’t be that bad!

  6. Bone says:

    This post was from a while ago it seems. This may be the beach that I have been looking for for ages. Literally. About 33 years ago when I was 17, two friends and I left new york to go cross country. There was this beach and tunnel and that rock too. I can’t imagine there’s another one. We spent the night. Now, the tunnel is pretty tall, right? In the pics, it could look cramped. I remember it as pretty big as we sat and had a fire inside. Very cool light and shadows. And the water – well that’s just pacific ocean beach, all churned up and filtered. At low tide, the tunnel was fairly dry. As I remember, waves would come careening around the base of that big rock and then crash against a rock in the middle when they met. I even looked briefly when I was in Santa Cruz about 5 years ago but didn’t find it. Thanks!!! That is t, isn’t it?

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