The Illuminati Symbol: A New Level of Understanding

By Strattera. July 30th, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, it seems useful now to spend some time analyzing symbols. This is not my field of expertise; it was Glenn’s. Now, we have no experts on the subject, and my ignorance is worth listening to as much as anyone else’s, I suppose. We welcome outside input!

This thread begins a comprehensive analysis of what we have called the “Illuminati Symbol,” used as an emblem and a calling card by a major group of True Immortals known as the blue&blacks. Here is one version of what it looks like:

Glenn give his analysis of it here. This is an excerpt:

The central disk is metal, while the frame or container is of rough-hewn wood. The Masons use a similar emblem. Notice also the faint cross visible on the back of the disk, reminiscent of standard Rosicrucian symbology. Finally, the wood “frame” is asymmetrical, the left leg thicker than the right, and with its notch set lower down. This suggests two suborders within the whole.  Thus, the blue and the black portions of the design may represent the classic Egyptian unequal partners of Night and Water.

However, later, based on comments by several readers, we began to also consider Japanese connections to the symbol. In particular, we had studied connections to the Shinto Torii motif,

as well as to the classic Japanese Hanging Gong:

I would invite you to read this important post for details on those two comparisons.

However, last week another reader, “JD,” took this analysis to an entirely new level. His brilliant and scholarly analysis has now provided us an entirely new level of insight into the meanings of the symbol. What he has to say is so detailed and impressive that we have asked him to write a full guest post in which to lay out his ideas. Thank you, JD. — Strattera

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