The Snake

By Strattera. July 30th, 2010

Thank you JD, for you detailed and scholarly post!

To summarize what he has to say by the route of Kanji, he links the Immortal blue&black symbol to the ouroboros, the Alchemical symbol of immortality.

The connection between this and the symbol we found carved into the rock on the beach is visually obvious.

As our reader Observer points out, the curving shape beneath the eye resembles a snake; in fact, the eye itself may double as the head of the snake.

But  one has to admit that this is rather crude compared to the refinement of the Illuminati symbol. And why is it carved on is it carved on a rock linked to a house owned by one of the “ghost children” of The Aussie?

Here’s my hypothesis: (a) The Aussie is not a member of the immortal Illuminati, but he would like to get in touch with them. (b) At the same time, he is afraid to put out too public an appeal, for fear that he will attract attention from others with whom he does not want to get in contact (such as the US government, or individual mortals hungry for what they presume to be his secret means of remaining young.) (c) Then too, he recognizes that the Illuminati themselves must exercise caution about whom they contact. (d) Therefore, he must resort to delicate chains of connection, putting out feelers that can be built on with care.

Exactly how he could go about walking so fine a line, though, I can only dimly imagine.
- Strattera

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  1. c says:

    this generic symbol (usually a snake, dragon or serpent) could be used for any groups under the Eloominati umbrella groups. Not just the blue n black Eloominati immortals Group

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