The difficulty of keeping up

By Stephen. August 1st, 2010

Flyss noticed a fascinating post by Oxadrenals over at Because it’s hard to link to a particular post in a forum, I’d like to copy it over to here.

Oxadrenals is replying to a question about whether Immortals are particularly intelligent. He replies as follows,

“Living a long time doesn’t make one smart, myself being living proof. The years go by with no growth in IQ. Actually, most of us are pretty behind the times when it comes to knowing things. Ask me about 18th century France, and I’m a wiz, but things have become a blur since then. As for science, back when I went to college God had still created the universe in 6 days. Unless you’re the sort of person who spends all your time studying, and doesn’t mind unlearning things over and over, most of what you know is going to be outdated.”

This causes me to recollect that it is primarily during our school years that we engage in broad and wholesale learning. Afterwards, at most we specialize. An Immortal would have to work very hard indeed to keep informed. It changes how I think of them. I had previously tended to imagine them as knowing far, far more than one of us. Perhaps it is the reverse. — Stephen

[NOTE: Oxadrenals is now posting a full version of this story here.]


  1. c says:

    what does that make him then? I still think Ox is very cunning/shrewd and smart to be able live like the rest of us do… now He’s just measuring himself against the current standards hold by mostly left brain humans

  2. c says:

    Ox will catch up.He just needs to read more of Time Magazine and Brittannica. the so called scientists/experts suggest the older ,people get into their 40s-60+ they supposed to be slower in processing thoughts and problem solving. Prove them wrong. but you already have.

  3. Observer says:

    “I had previously tended to imagine them as knowing far, far more than one of us. Perhaps it is the reverse.”

    That would depend entirely on who you ask and on what subject matter… how well informed a person may be.

    I guess I’m trying to say everybody knows something more (and something less) than somebody else on something…

    Take the people of this blog for example:
    Stephen knows about math, Kate knows about psychology, Flyss knows about being a slueth detective sort, Strattera knows about the military, & Ox knows about Hafeems. (I’m not saying that’s all each person may know. I’m saying what seems to be strong suits shown here.)

    So, is that to say that one of you is smarter than the others? It would depend on who you ask.

    ~I know a five year old that knows more about computers than I do. But, is that to say that the five year old is smarter than me? In terms of computers, most definitely; in terms of pretty much everything else, I’d say most definitely not. I’m learning more and more about computers on a daily basis, so too is that kid learning about life.

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