Photo of our “ghost child”

By Flyss. August 5th, 2010

We discussed it and decided it’s OK to post this “photograph” of our ghost child in downtown Denver. I think I Photoshopped her enough that no one would recognize her from the picture.

She’s one hell of a fast babe. And judging by the places she’s looking at, she’s trying to link up with the Blue&blacks. Does that mean she’s a True Immortal and not a Hafeem?  Don’t know.

She parked for a while by this building, and seemed to read something off its interior shapes, which she traced in the air with a finger.

(As always, click on the photo to see the details.)

She went straightaway from there to check out most of the places we showed in this thread, cracking the initial code right away and then apparently finding some messages we missed, because she went straight from the bricked in relic to this newer building, which is just above the walkway pictured in that thread.

She fiddled around inside for ten minutes, appearing briefly in a second floor window, then left for this parking garage across and down the street:

She looked for something on the ceiling of the garage,  in the automatic fire extinguisher piping as shown here:

But at the end I think she didn’t find what she wanted, and she looked frustrated as hell.  She got back on her bike and roared out of there. (Continued in my next post) — Flyss


  1. c says:

    she looks just like anybody ordinary. she does seem young and robust.

  2. c says:

    she’s looking for a sign.. something signalling a message

  3. Observer says:

    I’m not entirely sure how much you photo-shopped here…

    Vaguely, I can say she looks European.
    She has underarm hair.

    I wonder if you take that tattoo on her arm into your considerations of her mortally…? Unless it might be a one of those decal stick-on things…

    She passes as a good Demi look-a-like in my book, though. :) Pretty and young looking.

  4. c says:

    now i’m very curious about the tattoo… could that be a snake?

  5. Flyss says:

    Yeah, a snake tattoo. A unique one, but I removed the details.

    I didn’t really photoshop all that much. Just that tattoo, another one on her face, and a pattern to her hairdo at the neck.

  6. c says:

    jjust by judging her appearances and the way she moves. She appears to be a trained professional/operator in the security fields. having short hair allows them to change their appearances more easily by putting a wig if the need to put on a new disguise or put on a heavy helmet/gear on her head.

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