Power plant

By Strattera. August 6th, 2010

I’ve often wondered why the Immortals have shown connections to so many industrial sites, especially that whole series of factories. Possibly because such factories represent old industry — in other words, old wealth.

In any case, as Flyss described in her last post, the person we are still simply calling “our ghost child” picked up a clue or a message at a drop site situated near one such factory. (That one has now been abandoned by the Immortals, but it was active not very long ago, and had already been investigated to some extent by Flyss.)

From there, the ghost child traveled directly to yet another factory, one that hadn’t come to our attention before. It’s an enormous natural-gas fired power plant that supplies its clean power to much of Northern Colorado.

She stood for awhile and reconned it from a short distance.

Then she made her way up to the door pictured in this closeup.

She entered the factory via this door, but did not emerge again, nor did she return to her motorcycle by any other route. We nearly lost contact with her at this point, and the fact that we did not is due to a combination of new technology and mere luck. (continued in my next post) — Strattera

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  1. c says:

    hhave you tried to go into the building yourself? or it’s heavily guarded?

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