Almost lost us again

By Flyss. August 7th, 2010

She almost lost us again. Not that she’s trying to lose us. We’re pretty sure we haven’t given ourselves away. She’s just professional about how she does things.

She parked at this restaurant in Cheyenne and sat at a table inside.

Only, it was a fakeout. Five minutes later she ducked out the back, hopped onto a tractor-trailer with no trailer, and headed west.

Obviously, someone placed the tractor there for her.  But, still, she seems to be operating mostly on her own.

Following her on the freeway is a challenge, since we don’t know where she might turn off. We have people “following ahead,” but to do this impeccably we’d need dozens of helpers and we don’t have that many. So this is kind of a wish and a prayer now. — Flyss (continued here)


  1. Observer says:

    Hey, um Flyss…might want to blot out the license plate in the picture.

    Even if that isn’t really her tractor in the picture, someone curious might run a check or put out a bulletin or something…Not saying that I would, just that someone might. Better safe than sorry.

  2. flyss says:

    Good point, thanks. Fixed it!

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