As if *that* would have worked

By Flyss. August 7th, 2010

In my last post, I wistfully mentioned wishing we could put a GPS tracker in her truck. Sigh for the good old days when I did that right and left.

But, as if that would have worked with Speed Demon. She never went back to her truck. Someone must have stashed a motorcycle for her among those windmills, because she’s on one now. And she’s not on the Interstate anymore either.

Strattera has a theory about where she’s going, and so we’re going to “follow ahead” by ensconcing ourselves there. Wish us luck! — Flyss (continued here)


  1. c says:

    she’s probably meeting someone in an underground base or somewhere else…

  2. c says:

    does this girl ever sleeps or eat? i wonder … if not, then she’s a TM.

  3. SonataH says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe she knows what’s going on because she has a cell phone and can check the internet with it and see the posts. Your attempt at being covert is entirely ruined by posting online that you’re doing it.

  4. Flyss says:

    It would be nice if we were the center of every Immortals universe, but we’re not. They don’t seem to have discovered our blog. See this post, and its comments:

    Also, we time-shift these posts, so we’re not actually telling people where we are at the time we’re actually there. On top of that, we also deliberately misdirect by changing crucial details.

    We mention this from time to time on the blog, but it’s probably worth doing again.

  5. SonataH says:

    Oh I’ve seen the earlier posts, its just that there’s the chance they know all about this site and don’t do anything because this way they can keep an eye on you. Changing detail and time-shifts don’t matter much if they know you’re following somebody and that somebody can see your posts to know that you’re following them.

  6. flyss says:

    Again, good points. However, here’s the thing: We write the posts in real time, but put them up about a week later. So Speed Demon could look back and see that we _had_ been following her, but not that we _are_ following her.

    There’s a few other things we’re doing too, but must keep them secret!

  7. Observer says:

    So, what you’re really saying is that you lost her near a week ago?

    And, now the people that may or may not be following this can get mad at her for having been followed at all in the first place, or at least poke at her a bit for it. I know I’d probably poke at her…lol …Kidding…

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