Moving again

By Flyss. August 7th, 2010

After her nap, she’s moving again, driving through the wide open Wyoming countryside.

These things are along the side of the road everywhere. What the heck are they?

P.S. Some reader suggested it’s a fence. But if so, it’s a weird one. It has multiple layers, and it sticks out in different directions. I thought I took a picture that captures the weirdness, but all I can find is the one below, that shows a single extra layer.

Instead of just the two, imagine dozens of extra layers scattered here and there, because that’s what’s out there. Trust me, it’s not just a fence!

–Flyss  (Continued here.)


  1. c says:

    Something behind them they don’t want the car drivers to see

  2. Observer says:

    If it were wooden, I would say it looks like a fence that some ranchers/farmers put up for especially skiddish animals that aren’t particularly fond of cars, or for animals that are all too fond of cars… It would have to be a rancher/farmer with some strong animals though, considering how well built looks, and how high it appears to be.

    However, since in the title it says it’s copper, my guess would be some sort of electrical fence.

    ~C, there’s gaps in the planks. So they’re really not hiding much if anything.

  3. Observer says:

    If it’s a fence, the areas in between the layers could be where they try to herd animals. They could be teaching herding to dogs or the horses they may want to ride…

    If that’s what they’re doing, it helps to have a bunch of partially enclosed spaces that they can move the herd back & forth to. It would be exceedingly more expensive and time consuming to have a bunch of fully enclosed spaces.

    Whoever owns this, must have some massively strong animals to deal with, though. Either that, or they’re slightly paranoid with a lot of money to burn.

  4. Flyss says:

    I heard it might be something that catches static electricity from the wind.

  5. Observer says:

    Wow. Really? That would be really cool to witness if it’s true…I’ve only heard of windmills & turbines for wind energy.

    That might explain why it would be copper…Why someone would want to use copper was baffling me. Thinking of today’s market, someone would go out of their way to steal some.

  6. Merlin says:

    I have relatives in that area. Those “fences” are put up to help reduce drifting of snow in winter, to help keep the roads open as much as possible.

    • Flyss says:

      That makes sense. But why are they arranged so oddly? They seem to be put here and there at random. Or in a strange pattern.

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