Possible lead

By Strattera. August 8th, 2010

Possible  lead via one of our expert consultants.

A woman who matches Speed Demon’s description stopped at this possible drop box approximately two hours ago:

The box is located at a plausible distance from where we observed her pass  in the night, and, moreover, it’s set not too far from a secondary line that branches off from the HV lines she’d been following.

Of course, at this distance, there are dozens of secondary lines that branch off from the primary. This may be a false lead. But it’s all we have left. — Strattera (continued here)


  1. Observer says:

    Oh wow, I used to have a box just like that. The hinges rusted off mine. Then I put a grill in front turning the box into a bird cage using the old doors as a catch. Someone stole my box with the birds still inside about a decade ago, though. :(

    ~Might want to blot out the name, for a similar reason to the license.

  2. flyss says:

    Well, I’m one jump ahead of you this time, Sir Observancy: instead of blotting out the name, I changed it! :-)

  3. Observer says:

    XD Neat.

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