One final piece of trade craft

By Flyss. August 8th, 2010

We were doing great, catching up to her last known location in record time, and cruising up after her.

But then we hit this:

I was in that stubborn mood you get in when you know you’ve lost, and I hiked on up three miles to the front of the traffic jam.

Yeah, it’s exactly what it looked like from far away.

We’re still pretty sure she didn’t know that anyone in particular was following her. So this was just one more fine piece of trade craft: setting the the forest on fire behind her to snarl the roads for miles and make sure no one could follow her.

Speed Demon, I gotta hand it to you: You know what you’re doing. I hope I meet you some day.

With all respect. – Flyss (thread continued here)


  1. M says:

    hi there…

    it seems as if you guys are running a hoax… you know the guy in the blue shirt in the mirrored room…?? the day you all exposed him in this blog the next day he was a member of the immortalsinfo as well…. and guess what… he had put in the same photo that you guys had… coincidence?? seems like you have out him there to make believe… but one must wonder why…..

    anyways… to help you for the eye in the pyramid symbol and illuminati, read Robert Anton Wilson’s books – Cosmic Trigger 1,2 and 3 volumes and Illuminatus trilogy.. you will find things there. guess you all should have read it already!!

    i so want you guys to not be a hoax!!!

  2. Observer says:

    I don’t really care if it’s one way or another, a hoax or not. The blog is entertaining….lol :)

    Besides, there is some truth mixed in a bit.

  3. flyss says:

    There’s nothing at all hoaxy about Hafeem W appearing on both places! (a) It was his own publicity photo we used. (b) It was because we’d used it on this site that he used it for his avatar on the other.

    Nothing hoaxy about one appearing the day after the other, either! It was only after the post where we revealed who he was that it was OK for him to reveal himself on Remember, we (well, mostly Stephen) were running an elaborate scheme to discover if any true immortals were reading this blog. If he’d revealed himself before we were ready, it would have ruined the the whole thing. Both he — and Oxadrenals — played along with us.

  4. M says:

    yea .. point taken….

    well, just go through the books i mentioned by Robert Anton Wilson… you will find many details about your illuminati and the eye in the pyramid symbol that you found on the beach…


  5. Flyss says:

    Sorry for being brusque above. Getting called a hoax got under my skin, especially as I was recently soaked to my skin! But I understand.

    This blog is real! But some of the details are faked, for security reasons, so that could at times give the whole thing the feeling of being fiction. It’s not! This is a real story.

    About RAW: Glenn has (had) everything by R.Anton on his shelves. He said they were full of brilliant info, but also that sometimes Anton fooled around on purpose. He described RAW as a playful genius. Does that sound about right to you?

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