Successful guess

By Strattera. August 8th, 2010

(continued from here)

When “Speed Demon” visited that windfarm, it struck me that she’s been consistently associating herself with electrical infrastructure:  a power plant, some type of radio array, and now this.

At some future time, I hope to speculate on the reasons why she might do so. But for now I will confine myself to reporting what occurred.

The road Speed Demon took as she left the windfarm eventually intersects this set of HV lines.

Flyss and I followed them to where they left the road,

and camped for the night behind a fenceline, in hopes she would pass by.

She did in fact do so. But we couldn’t safely  follow her, and could merely radio the others. They’ve spread out ahead.  –Strattera (Continued here)


  1. c says:

    is that a storm forming or smoke coming out of no where

  2. flyss says:

    A storm. We got utterly soaked that night.

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