A hidden immortal

By Kate. August 10th, 2010

My mind is still filled / with her eternal youth

and her vital power.

A Great One who plummets into our world

like a shooting star / lands upright/ reads clues and messages

Flies like a winged god through the wide spaces of Wyoming

And disappears / Leaving only

a cloak of smoke and fire.

She is hidden in our world now.

A Hidden Immortal!


Beautiful and raw

Attired part as woman, part as man.

Sensual, earthly but beyond the earthy land.

Her kiss like fire / her grip like steel

The power of a man to fight and of a woman to feel.

Or of a man to feel and a woman to fight!

She is a True Immortal, made of fire and of light.

– Kate


  1. c says:

    she does look androgynous but in a more female way!

  2. c says:

    she’s definitely “Aeon Flux”

  3. Merlin says:

    I am still getting caught up – fell behind by over a month due to moving into a new residence myself. However, as I look at this picture and contemplate the idea of her being a true immortal, I’m reminded of a TV series about a true immortal who was a woman: Highlander- The Raven. Wouldn’t you know it, that show had her dressing mostly as a man, and wearing her hair very short, and she was a speed demon, too.

    I think life may be copying art here . . .

  4. ichi melannie says:

    immortal of our world

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