Con cur, the old dog

By Oxadrenals. August 10th, 2010

I concur, or really pro-cur, because my old dog the Bounty Hunter followed her all the way to Santa Clara before he lost her and he’s sure she was One of Them.

(Don’t feel bad! He’s been doing this for annums upon annums.) — Oxadrenals

P.S. She’s been doing it for a heck of a lot more annums than that. I saw that some of you guys out there had certain ideas flit through your anatomy. But I have reason to believe a certain detail might intimidate those thoughts a wee bit:

Immortal700+ yrs old

Cool, huh? Does that change how you feel at all? — Ox


  1. c says:

    based on what? your connections with the Elder?

  2. oxadrenals says:

    She’s famous, legendary. I have Hafeem friends who knew of her 600 years ago, and there are multiple other sources that confirm her age. Whew. I’m all in a sweat.

  3. c says:

    does she know you at all?

  4. oxadrenals says:

    A gentleman never talks about it.

  5. c says:

    okay seems like you know more (from your hafeem friends) than you’re hinting to us.

    this is a q out of the blue.

    did the tsar’s family fake their deaths? are they secretly immortals? is anastasia still alive till this day?

  6. oxadrenals says:

    I don’t know any more than anyone else about that. However, I did meet Rasputin a couple of times. Not a Hafeem or a True Immortal, but a really fun fellow. Before the power went to his head, anyway.

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