Exercise another side of yourself for a bit, OK?

By Oxadrenals. August 11th, 2010

I hear from many of you that you want to hear a story from the perspective of a hot True Immortal chick, not some boring grown up man. Well, sorry.

I know it’s hard to switch over from Speed Demon to Saul, but this is the story you get right now. Exercise another side of yourself for a bit, OK? If you’re patient, and nice to me, eventually I’ll tell you a story in the voice of the sexiest girl you ever imagined. JUST NOT NOW. You gotta be patient. — Ox


  1. c says:

    thanks very much, i really enjoyed the story of Saul. He moved me in many ways emotionally and mentally on a roller coaster. All the characters played a part in making what Saul has evolved to a greater degree(even if some of them were made up from a figment of your imagination). I’m sure he’s a veryfascinating person to meet and know and heaps more than what you ‘ve portrayed him to be in the story.

  2. oxadrenals says:

    thankee! (Didn’t make make up many bytes, or bits either. Almost all dog’s own truth.)

    Hold on a sec — you haven’t read the last three parts yet! Good stuff there too. :-)

  3. Observer says:

    Bravo on your well told story, Ox. Congratulate your scribes as well, because they wrote wonderfully.

    Sad about Miss Akers. I know it must be hard dredging up old memories like that.

    • Oxadrenals says:

      Thanks for your compliments!

      Painful memories, yes. But now I’m _doing_ something about it, and that makes things better.

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