Pretty hilarious

By Flyss. August 11th, 2010

OK, managed to get sex off my brain and switch gears. The story about Saul is pretty cool. I love the way his mind works. The scene with the prostitute in part 3 is hilarious.  And then there’s Alexei. He’s obviously you in disguise, Oxadrenals! With that bizarre sense of humor, he has to be. Does Saul ever figure it out? No, don’t tell me. I’ll wait to read the rest when you post it.

So you speak Russian? Immortals must have to learn a lot of languages. Sounds hard! — Flyss


  1. Observer says:

    It takes about two years, give or take, on average to learn a new language and its accent relatively fluently when you move to a new country. Otherwise, it takes more time and effort than that to learn a language away from an area the language is spoken. Of course, different people are going to learn at different speeds, but that’s just average.

  2. Stephen says:

    It’s ordinarily stated that only children below the age of about 7 can learn to speak a second language with out an accent from the first; when a language is learned in teenage years, the accent is slight, but increases when the individual is tired; adults, however, can never rid themselves of the accent of their original language.

    According to Oxadrenals, though, Immortals and Hafeems escape this pattern. Perhaps it’s simply the continuous practice in language change. (Of additional note, even within a given language the sounds change considerably.)

  3. Merlin says:

    For someone who has the advantage of decades, it would be child’s play to master every major language on the planet. Move into a new area (where no one would suspect you’re anything but a typical 20-something) and start making friends while you shop, do laundry, maybe even take a job just to meet people. Within a couple of years you would know the language fairly well (it took me about a year to get conversational in German when Uncle Sam sent me there). After about 2 years, move on, and return periodically to fine tune your skill with that language. Unlimited time allows anyone to become flawless, on as many languages as they want.

  4. Passerby says:

    The problem is the languages and accents change from decade to decade. Other immortals take note of this to avoid or find one another. Mortals do not tend to notice the subtle changes but immortals can remember such things as when the British actually pronounced “R’s” more like Americans continue to do.

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