Saul met The Eldest!

By Flyss. August 12th, 2010

Kate: did you see? Oxadrenals just added a section titled “The Eldest. Saul meets with her on a bridge, just like Strattera and I did.– Flyss

Oh, I just now remembered that you’ve read the whole story from beginning to end. Well I haven’t, and I can tell you I broke out into a cold sweat when she took off her veil! And then it happened again, in the part where she commands him to live.

Here’s the link to just that section: The Eldest

Here’s a link to the whole story: The Hafeem Saul


  1. Oxadrenals says:

    and before anyone starts accusing you of pulling off a hoax because some of the expressions in my piece are the same as in your post, let me admit here and now: I _stole_ the expressions from Flyss, because I thought they were perfect.

  2. flyss says:

    gosh! I’m wildly flattered.

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