Not fiction! But there are mirrors within mirrors

By Oxadrenals. August 12th, 2010

Stephen, I’m a known joker, but I tell you this with all my heart: Saul is real. His story is real. “The Hafeem Saul” is an autobiography with ghost writers.  It is not fiction!

Just like on, though, some of the details are fictionalized to protect people, etc. And, like you noticed, I’ve  followed your lead on many things. Not only in many details but also in styles and mood. That’s because you guys are talented!

But there’s more to it than that. Have you forgotten that you  got a lot of your ideas in the first place from messages I left you? As I admitted at the time, only part of what I told you was true. So you built your stuff on my stuff, and thenI let your stuff affect my stuff

Mirrors within mirrors, like Stephen says. — Ox

P.S. I like the way you revised your previous post to include a quote. It’s wonderful to see my own sweet words in print, all pretty and orange like that.


  1. c says:

    is saul happy with his life today?

  2. Oxadrenals says:

    We’re not in touch these days.

  3. c says:

    okay i was wrong to assume you’ve gathered all the hafeems in a group to defend themselves against the TMs…

  4. c says:

    saul is so deep with his thoughts and unpredictable too, i can’t tell what his next move is or will be. I wonder if he’s been living so long, he must find the ave mortals of today – annoying, “small”, morally corrupted and limited…?

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