The plot picks up

By Flyss. August 14th, 2010

This new installment of The Hafeem Saul is pretty funny.  I like Beatrice, and Howard too.

And suddenly, right at the end, the plot picks up:

“[Saul] pushed forcefully away from his table; he threw down far too much money; he hurried out of the café, his thoughts whirling.

A woman in a nursing whom who appeared fifty, but whose chart said she was eighty-five?  A Hafeem?  A disabled Hafeem living in a nursing home?  One of his own kind subject to the impertinences of mortals, steeping in her own urine, swaddled and bound in humiliation?

A century of apathy evaporated.  He would investigate, and if she turned out to be a Hafeem, he would rescue her.

Never mind that it could be a trap, that this benevolent interest could get him killed.  He had no choice.”

– Flyss

Here is a link to the latest section, titled  A Trap?
Here’s a link to the whole story, The Hafeem Saul


  1. c says:

    why would he save her. she’s just going to be extra baggage for him to carry if he needs to run again

  2. Flyss says:

    Possibly — just possibly — he’s the opposite of a self-centered ass. :-)

  3. c says:

    i thought he was just lonely for a female companion ;-P

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