Symbol in the structure?

By Strattera. August 15th, 2010

Continuing my last post.

Here’s a closeup of the part of the power plant where Speed Demon stood and looked for several minutes.

Perhaps I’m imagining things, but here’s what I see when I look at it:

Compare to this symbol, seen on the face of a significantly located rock in Santa Cruz:

Admittedly, they are far from exactly the same. Nonetheless, there is a triangle, and eye and a snake. (Or, in the power plant, two embedded triangles.

Again, maybe this is nothing at all. But Speed Demon distinctly stood and stared into the intricate power plant structure at the point shown above. At the very least it makes one wonder how much in the way of symbolism and message is hidden in plain sight among the things of the world we pass by. — Strattera


  1. Curious says:

    I think I see the pattern in the full-sized version I got to by clicking on the thumbnail.

    So what do you think she was looking for? Maybe a hidden message? Or could it have just been a signpost showing the way to the Illuminati HQ?

  2. Merlin says:

    I’ll go you one better than that. Pull back from your “triangle” image to the slightly wider view of the whole structure, and look at the heaviest steel girders while ignoring their colors. You’ll see the shape of the Japanese shrine, lacking only the “gong” shape.

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